While people buy caravans for the experience, our customers buy caravans from us because they get "holders" with extra space, a highly maintenance-free design and reliable technical support. We will advise you when choosing accessories (don't buy what you won't use and vice versa - don't forget the details that will save you work in the future). When handing over the caravan, we will check the quality together and go over the technical and legislative requirements so that you can be sure of the operation of your new caravan right from the start. You can choose from three types of caravans - from the smallest to the largest: X1 plus, X3 and C3. You can try out the caravan with us or rent it directly for a holiday in our RENTAL SHOP.

Reliable, spacious, easy to use (2+2)

X1 plus

Decamp X1 Plus od Karavanjede

At first sight, the surface

Decamp X1 Plus od Karavanjede

245/75/17" Hankook tires

Decamp X1 Plus od Karavanjede

One of the goodies

Decamp X1 Plus od Karavanjede

Inside the caravan

Decamp X1 Plus od Karavanjede

A storage travel box

Decamp X1 Plus od Karavanjede

You access the kitchen

We cooperate with a certified manufacturer, we comply with the legislative conditions for registering a caravan in the EU. For our customers, we always provide customs clearance, unloading of the caravan and registration in the technical license.

European certificate

Caravan Jede s.r.o. is the exclusive distributor of the DECAMP brand on the Czech market since 2021 and since 2022 on the Slovak market. Are you interested in a Decamp caravan or cooperation? Contact us.

45 mm insulation in the walls = 20 mm XPS + 10 mm elastomer + 15 mm air pocket. In winter, it does not let the cold in or the heat out, and in the summer it reflects the heat outside.

Quality materials

Anti-corrosion aluminum: light construction = safe driving.
Waterproof material: Poplar veneer and laminate in the walls = no damp or swelling cladding.

Family friendly with plenty of space(3+2)

Cross X3 

Decamp X3 od Karavanjede

Chassis and aluminium frame

Decamp X3 od Karavanjede

In the rear exterior part 

Decamp X3 od Karavanjede

The technical background  

Decamp X3 od Karavanjede

The kitchen desk

Decamp X3 od Karavanjede

The interior living space 

Decamp X3 od Karavanjede

The living area

An additional bicycle holder can be purchased for each of the caravans which for the C3 and X3 types is placed on the back of the caravan (we have it on offer) and on the X1 Plus on the front (commonly available on the market).

Cyclists for sure

The folding ceiling bed instantly conjures up a roof tent under the night sky, where every child will want to fall asleep.

Experience for children 

The only caravan that can take your motorcycle or quad bike (3+2)

Cross C3 

Decamp C3 od Karavanjede

The absolute king is the Cross C3 caravan

Decamp C3 od Karavanjede

When camping, it stands in place

Decamp C3 od Karavanjede

The side folding seats 

Decamp C3 od Karavanjede

The interior space has 3 zones:

Decamp C3 od Karavanjede

You enter directly into the center

Decamp C3 od Karavanjede

The supply of clean water

DECAMP caravan rental - 2024 season

Inquiry form

Do you want to try out a Decamp caravan or rent it for a holiday?Call +420 777 883 480 or fill out the form, we will contact you within 24 hours.

HOLIDAYS WITH DECAMP by Karavan Jede s.r.o.

When the season knocks on the door, rent a DECAMP

Caravan rental year-round. For a weekend, a week or by arrangement (minimum length of 3 days). Delivery and return of the caravan at the specified time in České Budějovice (or at a place as agreed). When renting a caravan, a refundable deposit is payable in cash (CZK 10,000/ Caretta 1500 or CZK 15,000/X1+ or CZK 20,000/X3). Payment of the rental fee after issuing the invoice. In case of unexpected problems with your booked date, contact us immediately. Depending on availability, we will try to find another suitable date.

We hand over the caravan clean, equipped with basic kitchen utensils, with a refilled tank of drinking water up to the maximum, with a cleanly replaced tension sheet and a technical certificate.

The caravan has Car insurance and Accident insurance and is ready for travel abroad. 

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